Trefor to Nefyn

Today we are joined by my dear friends Billy and John.   Billy and I were student nurses together way back when!   They have driven all the way from Devon to join us for the last three days of this years pilgrimage.   The weather is yet again kind as we climb up over the cliffs from Trefor.   Welsh Blacks graze precariously on the slopes and sea thrift adorns the cliffs.   Clouds hang low in the stillness making the views atmospheric and mysterious.20180515_094002-11860493394.jpg20180515_1100531377767627.jpg

The climb to the bwlch never gets any easier for me!   The group becomes more spread out each going at their own pace and by the time John and I reach the top the rest of the group are well into their coffee break!   The coffee revives and we are then on the downhill stretch able to enjoy the views without puffing and panting!   Again the silence is extraordinary, broken only by our chatter and the occasional high flying jet.


We walk on steadily through pastures where frisky and inquisitive young bullocks come to see us.   I don’t know what it is about the grass in this field, but each year in the same field the bullocks are extremely frisky!! 20180515_130923

We arrive at the ancient church of St Bueno at Pystyllch.   This is the “space” that Bueno retreated to away from the business of the very busy monastic church at Clynog Fawr.   And it is still wonderfully tranquil tucked between the hills.   We enjoy our lunch sitting on the warm stone slabs in blissful spring sunshine.   Rupert Davies of Maigret fame is buried here which seems slightly incongruous! After lunch we gather in the church for our daily prayers.   The floor is strewn with grasses as it has been for hundreds of years and the only light is partial through the small windows or by candles.  Monthly services are still held here and I promise myself I will return to attend one of these services this year.

The walk down into Nefyn is pleasantly gentle.   The flowers, the birdsong and the views make for a perfect afternoon’s walk.   We arrive at a favourite stopping place where a picnic table is set amidst enormous gunnera around a large pond.   As we sit enjoying the moment someone spots a very long grass snake swimming along the edges of the pond.   It is fascinating to watch it glide swiftly through the water and reeds.

In the evening 14 of us eat together at the Lion in Tudweiliog.   A perfect end to a perfect day

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