Day 12 Nefyn to Tudweiliog

This is the first day I don’t pack the waterptoofs! The weather is looking good as 18 of us gather in Nefyn for the start of today’s walk. Richard Wood the vicar turns out to greet us but isn’t able to join us. 18 is a large number to gather together and Mike says it feels a bit like herding cats! But as we get into our stride along the coastal path all is well and we meander along taking in the wonderful seascape. The sky is blue and the breeze gently caresses as we walk in single file along the cliff tops. This is as perfect as it gets for me. The air s clear, the views stuñing and the fellowship of so many friends very, very special. We stop frequently just to savour and enjoy the views.

We stop in the cove before reaching the renowned Ty Coch beach pub, and deide it is the perfect place for our short service. We form a circle and take a moment to reflect on where we have come from and where we are heading. the sound of birds overhead, and the sound of the waves lapping the shore help us to focus on God’s amazing creation. Sand martins circle over the cliffs. And after our prayers Roger asks us to join hands and say the grace….a very special moment indeed.

We walk on to the renowned Ty Coch pub on the beach and enjoy coffee. Then Chris realises he has lost his wallett. He phones the shop in Nefyn where he thought he had last used it but it hasn’t been found, and so he cancels all his credit cards. Later he realised he had left it in the campervan!

The walk continues along the coastal path through Morfa Nefyn golf course, and there are many golfers out today who are very tolerant of us. we descend from the cliff top to the delightful litlle estuary where we spot a pair of shell ducks. This is our lunch spot and we spend a while here enjoyingthe peace and tranquility.

As ever on this years pilgrimage we are aware of te low flying jets that are a reminder that there are awful things happening in the world. I am always very aware of the privilege I have of living in a society where I am able to make choices, and can take time out to walk and wonder at aĺl that surrounds me. The world I live in is cocooned from so much.

We continue over the headlands, terns dive into the sea and the sound of oyster catchers rings in our ears. Seals are now spotted basking in the sea below, so we stop a while.

The flowers have been magnificent today, bluebells,  primroses,  spring squills and sea thrift..blues and yellows and pinks. And as ever the vibrant yellow of the gorse. The terrain is soft and springy underfoot.

Gwynedd council has undertaken a lot of work in improving the gates and steps along the way in the last 12 months, which we appreciate greatly. And soon we are nearing the end of today’s walk and to our joy the ice cream shop is open at the camp site at Towyn. We sit and enjoy!

Tonight there were 16 of us for dinner at the Lion. Great food, great company!



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