Day 11 Trefor to Nefyn

Lovely to wake up on the Lleyn and to enjoy a wonderful liesurely breakfast before setting off for today’s walk. It’s bright an sunny but with a fresh wind. We are 16 today. Anne has rejoined us with her husband Martibuffeted alongfriend Jane, Carol has also rejoined us as has Nick, and Roger has now come down in Molly his trusted campervan! So we have 3 campervans wending their way too!

The walk up and around the headland is delightful. Cormorants are nest building on the cliffs, and the sea is sparkling in the bright sunshine, and tossing white horses in the wind. It is indeed a great day to be alive to all of this.  We start the steeper ascent to cross the Rivals. Ìt doesn’t seem such a long pull up this year, but it is over 1000ft in one go. The climb up Snowdon a couple of weeks ago must have toughened me up! We enjoy our coffee with a wonderful seascape stretched out before us, and the mountains of Snowdonia in the distance.

5 of the group decide to take a longer route down to Nant Gwytheyrn but I decide my knees and hips would not appreciate the steep descent! So the rset of us take the more gentle route. The wind has changed and we are buffeted along. And then it eases again as we approach the wonderful old church at Pystyllch. Picnic time now while we wait for the other group to catch us up. Some of us settle on the wall by the small reservoir, listening to the running of the water. Some of the others preferred the more sheltered area of the graveyard. This is where Rupert Davies of Maigret fame is buried.  The church is as wwonderful as ever with the rushes on the floor, lit only by natural light through the small windows, and with the smell of lavender pervading the air from the bunches that have been tied to the small wooden pews.

Eventually we see the other group coming towards us and Karen and I set off the singing of the hymn “He who would valient be….” to welcome them!  Once everyone is settled we have our short service inside the church. The juxtaposition of silence and the words of the prayers seeming particularly in tune with our journey accross this beautiful landscape, where so many pilgrims have been before us.

And then it’s a gentle meander through fields and wooded lanes where the wild flowers are in abundance.  Blues and pinks and yellows and whites. We sit a while at a small nature reserve with a large pond that is teeming with water snails and various other small creatures, and surrounded by large gunnera.  I t is a delightful spot but also seems somewhat incongruous.

It’s now only a short walk ino Nefy, and the usual discussion about transport arrangements for tomorrow!

Mike and John and karen and I return to our b&b to enjoy a cup of tea in the garden, savuring the view in the late afternoon sunshine.


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