Day 10 Penygroes to Trefor

An early start from home. John and Karen and I set off to pick up Mike from Abergele. We are now staying away for the duration. This is the stage of the pilgrimage where I really do feel that I am in that special place that is between heaven and earth. The landscape is different, with the sea never far away. There are 11of us today, including Lloyd the vicar of Clynog Fawr. It is Lloyd who directs us to the picture framers to get our passport stamps….apparently we are the first group to get the stamp!

The walk over the fields is delightful. Wild flowers abound and although there is a strong wind we have no rain.  Our first stop is over the little metal bridge beside the fast flowing river. Apparently this is on of Roger’s favorite spots, and he savours the moment,  and then rings Meg and describes it to she too is with us in spirit.

We arrive at the huge and ancient church of St Bueno at Clynog Fawr where we enjoy our lunch out of the wind. This ancient church is almost austere, but there is an incredibly strong  feeling of “presence”. Prayers have been said here for hundreds of years, and that prayerful presence is almost palpable. We hold our short service here before moving on.

There is a discussion as to whether we should attempt to take the beach route to Trefor as high tide is due at 3pm. On balance we decide it will be OK. So after a brief climb through the woods we take the lane down to the beach. It is looking wonderful with high waves lashing the shore, and it seems as though the tide has turned. We walk a good way along the beach until we can go no further.  We decide to sit a while and wait for the sea to recede so that we can continue.  But then we realise that the tide is in fact still coming in, so we walk back to find a footpth back up to the road. This turns out to be more difficult than expected and Duncan’s secateurs are required to cut a way through the brambles! And inquisitive and frisky horses also make for a hurried manoeuvre over a very rickety stile!

But we have had a great time of cameraderie and fun, if a little exhausting!

Tonight 10 of us are staying locally and so we enjoy good food and drink and company ready to set off again tomorrow

1 thought on “Day 10 Penygroes to Trefor

  1. Dear Shiela  What a busy and expensive time you have ahead of you, Is this the result of planned pregnancy?,I knew that it was  William’s 50 birthday, my Montanna is just starting to bloom It reminds me of Williams wonderfull birthdays at the Moorings, the weather allway,s sunny ‘Happy Memories’. Sue’s adventure is fantastic, did you know I was born in Groeslon a few miles fromPenygroes,that area holds many Childhood memories for me. I am glad Veronica is on the mend. Lovely to hear from you Gwyn

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