Day 9 Llanberis to Penygroes 13 miles in wild wild winds!

And then the wind abates as we head down a new route

8 of us set off from Llanberis in typical Llanberis weather! Wind and rain. The route has been changed and is more pleasant despite the mud underfoot. We reach the  top of the first hill relatively easily, but then the wind sets in and it seems to be a battle against it for the rest of the day. We manage to find a sheltered spot for a coffee break that stands us in good stead for the next stage. And then we head out into the wind. We make it in good time to the little staion of  Waenfawr where Chris is there to meet us in his campervan. We all settle into the shelter of the staion for our lunch, and Roger nods off nicely for forty winks! Anne has decided that she will leave us at this stage to find a campsite for the night and the possibility of a slightly less uphill route. Before we set off once more Anne leads us in our short service.

The wind is now really wild as we head up the hill. Mike and I recall the time last year in this place where we lost John!  And Roger and I reflect on the encounters of pilgrimage. Encounters with people, like Anne, who fall in with us and become part of our family. People who we may continue to be part of our lives, or who are just transient in our lives.

As we cross the moorland we battle against the rain and wind. It really is hard work and I am tired, and not sure I can stay upright!  I reflect that this walk is like a metaphor for life.We have a goal, but we have to keep our heads down to focus. And if we lose our concentration we are likely to loose our footing and fall. Such is life   As I tread carefully over the boulders on the wet boggy path, I reflect that we encounter obstacles in our way through life, but if we are careful we can negotiate them and come through.

We catch a glimpse of the Rivals shrouded beneath the clouds. We will be crossing them in a couple of days!  Gthe landscape is scarred from quarrying and is dramatic in the gathering clouds. And the wind continues. A force 8 Ian reckons. We pause at “the rock” for some respite, and Jenny produces the most delicious crunchy choccy biscuits and we are revived!

I think about Anne pitching a  tent somewhere in this wind…a true pilgrim!

And then the wind abates as we descend slowly to Pennygroes. This a differnt and more pleasant routethan previos years. We encounter a couple of young boys out rabbitting with a ferret a Jack Russell and lurcher. They have bagged 3 rabbits.

We finally reach the car park and the end of another, if tiring, great day of walking. By the time I reach home Karen has arrived and she will join us once more for the final days of this journey. It is good to catch up with all her news since last year, and there is a lot to tell!


4 thoughts on “Day 9 Llanberis to Penygroes 13 miles in wild wild winds!

  1. what’s the plan for tomorrow, seems to be different from the schedule on the website. Are you walking to Clynnog or Trefor, if I join you will I get a lift back to recover my car?

  2. You must be getting tired of me stating how much I enjoy reading your blog.
    I love the area that you are traversing now, and I can see it in my minds eyes.
    Unfortunately my mobility is very severe at the moment, but I am walking
    with you in spirit. Thank you for your blog.

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