Day 7 Abergwyngregin to Bangor…….General Election!

Wake up to the results of yesterdays polling. Disastrous results for the Lib Dems…there will be no coalition, and their cause must have been put back 50 years. As I head off for the start of todays walk I wonder what sort of country we are becoming. I had thought a continuing coalition would create a more sustained balance within our society, but clearly that is not to be

And so it is good to be with friends in the glorious landscape that has been created by God,  and which we are fortunate enough to enjoy.

The weather is good as 14 of us set out today, but we know it will break by midday.  Jenny is with us again today with Tom and Nicola, and Duncan and Janet have joined us too. The walk up to the falls is delightful and ponies laze in the arly morning sun. The falls are in full spate, pounding over the rocks and the spray can be felt from a good distance away. We gather together for our short time of prayer. The words of the psalm being very apt…..Creator God, how great you are! You clothe yourself in light, you stretch out the skies like a tent………..

The walk accross the top of the valley offers spectacular views of the falls behind us, while ahead the sea comes into view, calm and still today under a gathering of rain clouds. We pass ponies that are chasing one another playfully while others graze contentedly.  And we spread out accross the hillside each at our own pace, somtimes chatting with one another..  There has understandably been a lot of talk about the election results and the fact that 3 political leaders have resigned. How will this all be played out?

But sometimes we walk alone in our own space and time.

The clouds are darkening now as we find a sheltered spot for lunch. The old slate fence prvides a good backrest! We manage to finish lunch just before the rain really hits, so it’s on with the waterproofs and my umbrella!  There have been some changes to the route and we get a little lost, but not seriously. Jenny is concerned that the group of 10 coming through next week will find the route difficult to follow.  Brian wants to put markers up, but Mike says it will be better to come back to spend proper time rather than on the hoof as it were. I am very happy not to be involved with any of these discussions and just follow my leader! One of the joys of this walking for me is not to have to make many decisions.

The rain is now heavy and Tom and Nicola are drenched,  but they keep on smiling!  They have both just returned from their respective research projects,  Tom in Trinidad, and Nicola in Indonesia. One thing to be drenched in a humid rain forest, another on a cold hillside in North Wales!

We are muddy and wet and tired as we tramp into Bangor.  The weather has been that which we have become accustomed to in Llanberis, but Llanberis is tomorrow!


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