Day 5 Llangernyw to Rowen 12 miles

Well the rain really came down today and remained almost without ceasing so seeing Ian under his umbrella before we set off I decided to take mine….Ian didn’t take his! I thought I might be mencumberedbt, but i  fact it was great and I stayed dry and warm! Even though I got some curious looks, and had to do some  urious manoeuvres to manage stioes!

There were 11 of us today at the outset at the church in Llangernyw. Roger had cycled the 3 miles from where he had left his car as he had complicated arrangements to leave the walk part way through in order to take Meg his wife for an ultrasound appointment.  Only Roger would make such arrangements!  Brian joined us today as did Valmer, and  Lorraine the curate and Gaynor the vicar from a nearby parish were there to welcome us and joined with us in our short service.

Although the rain was persistent there was no wind and it wasn’t cold. We climbed out of the village through the gorse covered hillside, the gorse radiant from the rain and the distinctive coconut smell wafting as we brush by it.  Some years ago this path had been very overgrown, but Roger had been out and cut the gorse back!

There is a lot of lane walking today, which normally I don’t like, but in this weather it seems ok. The fields are so wet and muddy now that it makes a nice change not to be knee deep in it! There is a slit pause in the rain while we have our coffee.   Across the valley we can see an amazing fall of water which apparently is at Dolgarrog.    We deciide then  that  it’s straight for Eglwysbach to take advantage of the shelter of the church for lunch, rather than trying to find a sheltered spot anywhere else. In prevous years we have had fantastic hospitality at St Martins, but this year no one has contacted the church to let them know were are coming. Mike is particularly upset that he won’t get a piece of the Bakewell tart this year. But to our absolute joy the lovely ladies of St Martins are there waiting for us!   Well they said we just knew you would be coming, you do every year!  And the cakes as ever were to die for , especially the Bakewell tart!

We’ve broken the back of the miles now so well refreshed we set off once more into the rain.   Today Brian is checking the route directions rather than Nick, but they seem fairly clear even if the signs are not always in the most prominent places.   Soon after we cross the Conwy at Tal y Cafn we meet up with Roger again. He has taken Meg for her appointment, and has brought her to meet us in Molly their faithful old motorhome. Meg is in good heart as her ultrasound has not shown anything sinister, so she is celebrating with a little amber fluid and a fag! Probably not what the doctor ordered! Roger has walked on as he thought we would have passed by now, but we soon catch up with him. He is now walking in his wellies….a good idea he thought as they were muddy and needed a clean so the long wet grass will do the job nicley!  How anyone can walk far in wellies is beyond me!

For a few minutes it actually stops raining, but it is not to last, so once again the umbrella is up as we now head for the final stretch to Rowen.

Another great day of walking. The peace of the countryside broken only by our chatter and the chatter of the birds and the lambs.  Except I  now remember we also heard the roar of a low flying jet heading down the valley to RAF Valley, a reminder that there are awful things happening in other parts of the world from which we are so cocooned.


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